More than 150 years of history is the legacy of the existence of the saxophone in  the musical world. Best known for its role in the world of jazz, the instrument has a much more elaborate past than most people suspect.

Initially created for the military bands in France, it shortly found its way into the operatic theatre in France. Later, being an easily accessible instrument in the United States, it knew an exceptional popular vogue in the 1920s. This led to its inclusion in dance and jazz bands, firstly in the US, but because of the influential players such as Sidney Bechet and Coleman Hawkins, across the world.

Then, the presence of great masters in the classical domain, mainly Marcel Mule in France and Sigurd Rascher in the USA, it developed a new and original repertoire in the “serious music” world.

Jazz continued to be a fertile breading ground for the instrument, with leading figures like Charlie ParkerJohn ColtraneSonny RollinsJoe Henderson and many others.

The advent of rock and roll in the 1950s saw the instrument take a role in that musical foray as well.

There is a lot to discover about this instrument and its performers and that is what I intend to explore with you. Hope you will join me.